Sunday, March 13, 2005

Day 16 - Life gets really tough

Another week went by and life's just feeling tougher. Thought that I'd settle down in the city by now and that has happened. But then, the work's increased so much that I hardly have had any time for myself. Twice this week, I have come home way after midnight and it's been a pretty tiresome week, to say the least.

So, not much of sight-seeing this week. Though I still saw plenty of new stuff to post here. :)

On Monday, went to the Social Security office to file an application for a SSN. The SSN office is about a mile away from NYSE, still I and Amit decided to walk down instead of taking the subway, coz for the first time since I landed here, it was a very bright and sunny day. The weather was really beautiful and well, we had to take a stroll. :)

Temperature was close to 4 degree Celcius, and it was so much more comfortable than the negative temperatures that had been there all the time. Walked all the way to Federal Plaza. The Social Security office was on the 31st floor and this was the highest in a building that I had ever been. :) The accelerating elevators though, make you feel a bit queasy.

Anywayz, on the way back, watched City Hall and also, the traffic jam in front of Brooklyn Bridge. :) The Brooklyn Bridge is one place which presents a lot of memorable photo-ops. Apparently, a walk across the bridge on an evening in spring is a very beautiful experience. You will all know about it when I do that, coz it's going to be featured on this blog. :)

On Tuesday afternoon, it suddenly started snowing. And snowing badly at that, too. In the evening, was stuck in a snowstorm with winds blowing over 40-45 miles an hour and a temperature that felt like -15 degree Celcius. Because of the sunny weather yesterday, I had kept my sweater at home and didn't even have my thermals on. With just a jacket on, this was easily one of my most horrifying experiences. At one point, I and Amit felt like this was going to be it; there seemed to be such a thin line between life and death.

We had some work at Canal Street and had been there after office. But, as we came out of the subway station, realized that things were much worse than we had anticipated. There was a thin layer of ice everywhere and the reality of the phrase 'walking on thin ice' dawned on me. Plus, it was so windy that at times, it really pushed you to one side. So, we were almost skidding on the ice.

Well, all is well that ends well. And once I reached home, it felt that I was living another life altogether. :)

Yesterday, indulged in some big-time shopping to stock our house and also, to get it in order. In fact, this whole weekend was spent in shopping for groceries and utensils. Yesterday, went to the Flushing library and got five Hindi DVDs. Watched only one of them completely and it was a real whacko movie. This movie had Akshay Kumar and Kareina Kapoor and was titled Talaash. An absolute hogwash of a movie, but then I and Amit had a considerable amount of fun watching it. Highly recommended for anyone who likes to watch classic movies like Elaan, Insaan or Lakeer-Forbidden Lines. :)

Had a very lazy Sunday today, most of which was spent reading a NYC guide. This place seems to have a very interesting history, and it's all about immigrants. :)

Well, another week begins tomorrow and it's time to get ready for the routine grind. Will try to squeeze in time for a mid-week update. But then, with the amount of work that I have been having of late, I doubt whether that would be possible. As I go to bed on another late Sunday night, it's once again time to wonder whether I would be able to get up early tomorrow and still feel refreshed right through the week.


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