Sunday, March 27, 2005

Day 30 - Washington DC Trip

Well, been some time since I blogged something and blame it all on my hectic schedule. Made the most of my long weekend, though.

Had been to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC over the past couple of days. Philly seems to be more of a place associated with history than anything else. Baltimore has a wonderful natural harbour (I loved the place) and Washington DC...well, this place seems so much like Bangalore 10 years back !

Roads lined with cherry trees, hardly any tall buildings, and lots of open, typical structures of Government buildings...well, you could have mistaken the place for the Bangalore of the early nineties. The monuments in DC are the more famous lot, but the best attractions out there were the amazing museums. Had just enough time to see the Museum of Natural History and The Air and Space museum, and was completely floored by both of them...the latter in particular being one of the best museums I have ever been in. And the best part is, the museums here are FREE ! Well, impressive stuff, to say the least.

Though the monuments weren't really spectacular...White House, in particular wasn't a Raj Bhavan, neither the Capitol a Sansad Bhavan, but considering the ppl they housed, it was indeed worth a watch.

Something that I probably missed out on this trip was the dolphin show at Baltimore's Inner Harbour. Well, lack of time forced me to give it a miss. Also, didn't go to the Maritime Museum here. Well, just for the sake of trivia, I would like to point out that a couple of years back, I had been on the only other maritime museum in the world - INS Vikrant. So, gotta see this one too sometime to complete the list. :) The only good thing that I did at Baltimore was to get to the top of the World Trade Center there (it's 27 floors) and take snaps of all around, in the rain. :)

Have got around 250 snaps of the whole trip, will upload some of them soon. :)

Went down to the Empire State Building today on 34th Street. Well, there was a long queue outside the building (maybe, the Sunday effect or just plain routine tourists thronging the tallest skyscraper in the city). Surprisingly, the ESB didn't look that tall when viewed from its base. Or probably, my expectations were a bit too high. :)

After that, went down to Times Square...and though it was the second time that I had been there in a month, was still amazed by the place. This place is simply extraordinary, it is probably the only place on the planet that gives you an idea of how a digital world would be !

Well, spring finally seems to have set in, coz it hasn't snowed here for a week now. So, it's time to explore NY now. Keep watching this space. :)

Till the next time, ciao !


Blogger MagnaMater said...

Hey Sathish Kim here :)

Nice to read your posts....Have seen the pics u sent...So ppl having a ball there...great.Keep writing.I read all your posts and experiences going there.:)

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