Friday, April 22, 2005

Day 56 - The beauty within...

It's been three weeks since my last post and it's been a real busy three weeks. It's been three weeks of ups and downs, three weeks of fun and distress, three weeks of ectasy and ruefulness,'s been three weeks of practically everything under the sun. And it's been three weeks of spring in NY !

The very advent of spring has brought in a welcome change in the air. It's as if fresh life has been infused into almost everything in the city. The days are long, bright and lively; the parks are lush, green and full of flowers; the cherry trees are in full bloom, the water fountains have come up everywhere, the glass facades glisten along the skylines, the crowds have started filling the streets, and well...everyone has got a spring in their step too (no pun intended ) !

Life, as tough as it might be, it's just become so much more beautiful. It's a blessed feeling to be walking along the pathways in the evenings, the cool breeze invigorating your senses, the wonderful sights enlivening up your very souls, the multitudes of people adding to the delight with their colorful attires and joyful strides.

Well, New York is a real sight in spring. But then, I guess that is true of most of the other places too in the US of A. And for someone, who has been here all the time, the changes might not look something out of the ordinary. And in fact, it might not really be as beautiful as it appears to me. But then, when you have had three real busy weeks staring a monitor at work, it always feels nice to think of all the beautiful sights that nature so freely offers all the time, doesn't it?


Anonymous Vishal said...

Hey Satku,

It's fun reading your blogs - sharing your experiences in NYC. Reminds me of my first year here. Keep blogging!

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Lalitha said...

Itne "profound, philosophical" vichar, itni bhari bharkam bhasha...I think you'll soon publish your autobiography at the rate you're going. :)

Good to read all your experiences.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Sachin said...

Yeah,the busy rat-race definitely keeps you away from the small pleasures of life.Glad that you noticed its spring !! Its a bright beautiful Day !! Smile ...

4:06 AM  

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