Sunday, May 01, 2005

Day 65 - The joys of a child

Been flooded with messages about why I haven't been updating my blog...well, was quite amazed that I do have this big an audience !!! This week, I was busy shifting into my new apartment and ... well, moving is quite a task, especially when you have some furniture with you ! My cable and Net connection should come in later this week, after which I can get back to to my normal ways(if there were any !) BTW, thanx for all the support, friends. It's been a pleasure to see that ppl do drop in here once in a while. :)

Exactly a month back, Alok, a colleague (and a good friend) of mine, had a baby boy and ever since, he's really become one of the happiest blokes on the planet. I guess it'd be a real great feeling to have your child in your arms...probably one of the most extraordinary joys of life...well, dunno much abt it, but I am more sure abt the fun associated with being a kid. :)

Ah...those are the days...when you can be without a care in the world, with practically everyone trying to please you and you being able to carry on all sorts of pranks and then, go scot-free. I guess, given a choice, each one of us would love to get back to being a kid. Or for those who prefer to act 'grown-up', maybe, being surrounded by a bunch of kids. The innocence in the eyes, the magic in the cherubic smiles, the unfettered happiness gleaming out of the little souls...who wouldn't want to have them all?

It might not be possible for any one of us to get back to being a kid, but I strongly believe that we don't need to do that. Coz somewhere within each one of us, there's a naughty li'l kid waiting to come out. In the daily hustle and bustle of our lives, we might just tend to forget about it...but the kid is still very much alive ... and you just have to bring it to the fore at times to enjoy the real beauty of life !

So, am I suggesting that everyone of us should get back to behaving like kids? Heck, no ! Who wants all the time spent in growing up to go down the drain? What I am saying here is, from time to time, shelve all the thoughts and biases that you have, clear your minds of all the woes and the worries, take in a deep breath and look at the people and the world around you...and it might just seem to be a much better place to live in. :)


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