Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bitten by commercialism?

Made some changes on this blog. Nay, there are none, you might say... but for the trained eye, there are many.

For one, I have listed all my blogs out there on the left, and yeah, as you would have guessed, all of them haven't had much to show, of late. Anyway, I just thought that it might be useful if you happen to be like to read what I write (okie okie, too much of optimism, but then, you see..I am an optimist).

And then, there are some links to some of my friends' ramblings. These are some of the blogs that I do keep reading from time to time.

And finally, just couldn't resist checking what Ad Sense was all about. Frankly speaking, I ain't here so that all of you could click on those links and earn me some dope. Also, you would never catch me divulging all my tax info to Google, so that they can give me a few cents. So, I ain't going to earn anything here. But then, thought of giving this a try...just to see how it really works. :)

Also, got indexed on Google Sitemaps and Google Analytics. (Yes, a Google fan I am.) Haven't got a clue on the kind of statistics these tools generate, but then you see...I am in the mood to check out things.

Previously, had got listed on Google and AJ's crawlers...though it seems that they just link to individual pages here rather than the main page. How does it matter anyway, coz I am here just trying something new?

So, does all of these mean that I am back with a keen interest in blogging frequently? Ah...who knows?


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